Life Cycle of a Successful Diet

Successful dieting is a little more nuanced and individualized than what’s easily shared here in a short blog post.

But generally, I recommend avoiding extremes and black & white thinking when it comes to dieting.

Ease your way in, with small sustainable changes that add up over time, and ease your way out into a healthier version of your previous lifestyle.

In the beginning, Fit “fun food” into your macro ratios as needed. Go ahead and sub that potato with a bowl of cereal… If it helps you adhere to the overall plan then go for it.

In the middle, Eat “fun foods” in moderation, but make an effort to Start including more whole foods like fruits, veggies, and animal based proteins.

Towards the end, Choose mainly whole foods that are packed with nutrients- like fruits, veggies, and animal based proteins that’ll keep you full and fueled.

After the diet, If you’ve hit your goal and are ready for more flexibility, transition back to eating “fun food” slowly instead of going all out on the foods you’ve missed.

What’s something that you keep in your diet, no matter what phase of nutrition you’re in? Mine is froyo!

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