Foam Rolling

Not only does it feel great, foam rolling…⁣

Opens up your upper body [chest & back] and digs deep into your lower body [quads & glutes].⁣

Which might help you feel places where you carry stress and tension.⁣

Breathe through it and use full ranges of motion that are mindful and controlled, And Change up your ROM or foot placement as you need!⁣

We tend to neglect the things we need.⁣
For me, lifting has always taken priority over mobility or flexibility.⁣⁣
But I’ve been making an effort to at least get some foam rolling in before/after workouts or between clients.⁣⁣
Squeeze it in when you can, before or after a lift, before bed, while watching TV, etc.⁣⁣
Do what feels good. Don’t overthink it.⁣⁣

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