Field Bars

What it is: BPN Field Bars

Why I use it: I have been looking for a healthy on-the-go snack! The Field Bar is perfect for an active lifestyle. The bar is made with simple ingredients for an awesome source of energy and nutrition! It’s packed with high-quality sources of whey protein and naturally sweetened with honey. Not only that, it comes in two great flavors; Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondie and Fudge Brownie Crunch!

When I eat it: I usually have one with breakfast OR I’ll throw a bar in my bag for a post workout snack between training my clients.

How the bar came to be: The Field Bar was created during Nick Bare’s time in the US Army. He would make bars with whole, simple ingredients and pack them up for field training exercises. Fast forward to today and the Field Bar has evolved and taken even better form!

Who can benefit from it: Anyone who enjoys sweet treats while trying to improve the quality of their food should give this a shot. The mission of the Field Bar is to improve the performance of the modern day athlete, adventurer, and warrior!

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