Strong Reds

What it is: Strong Reds

Why I use it: Strong Reds increases my natural energy, boosts my immune system, and supports my digestion. Not to mention it’s a nutrient powerhouse full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

When I drink it: Either first thing in the morning stacked with Strong Greens or in the afternoon stacked with Intra Flight as Strawberry Lemonade.

How to mix it: mixed with 8-10 oz of cold water on ice. (so good)

Who can benefit from it: Anyone! Everyone can gain better health from a reds powder. If you’re looking to fill gaps in your diet, improve your overall health, and function at peak performance then I would recommend using Strong Reds.

Fun Fact: Strong Reds contains an ingredient called Spectra which increases nitric oxide levels and blood flow, making it a great addition to your preworkout supplements too!

Grab your Strong Reds here with my direct link!