I’m blessed to work with badass women who break through their own boundaries, and can’t wait to help you do the same!

My favorite part of the program was having checkins. The app is a great way for remote training in addition to seeing how your body changes week by week.

Sarah Y.

So many things to like about Kelsi, one of the biggest things for me was the constant support/communication that she showed through the process. Having that constant show of support was super helpful and honestly energetic. When someone notices the effort and progress you’re making and let’s you know it feels great and makes you wanna go even harder the next day!

Evan C.

The calls really help and I love that you actually have investment in me, I feel like I can do this because someone else believes in me!

Andrea G.

I love that you are tough but very forgiving. You want the workouts to be tough but when life happens you understand. You were ready to encourage and help me do better the next day. You train people for life!

Jamie B.

I can honestly say that I’ve grown to be stronger mentally and physically working alongside of you. I’ve always seen weight drop slowly, but progress is progress and you’ve helped me to be kinder to myself, and that by being kinder to myself, accountability is easier. That’s been my biggest take away.

Kristin B.

I’m really proud of myself for getting a hold on my weekends. I still struggle for sure, but I feel light years ahead. I really have learned a lot. I also don’t dwell much on the scale. I can feel it in my clothes.

Emmi W.

Little Warrior Fitness has been a game changer for me! I previously lost about 60lbs intermittent fasting but I needed help building muscle and Kelsi was able to do just that! I’ve had personal trainers in the past and I always struggled with the workouts because they were too advanced for me. Kelsi met me where I was at and provided workouts that I could actually do but were still challenging. The workouts she provides are the right amount of intensity, targets my goal areas, and gives me that great sore feeling! She has provided a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and taught me how to track macros. In addition to my physical health, Kelsi also assisted improving my mental health with identifying goals and values in other areas of my life. Kelsi made a huge impact on my fitness journey and I will be forever grateful for her guidance.

Elissa F.

I’m not sure that there’s a more dedicated and compassionate personal trainer out there than Kelsi Ward. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she spent just as much time focusing on my mindset, which as a busy mom of 2, was very important to me. Her teaching background also shined through, thoroughly explaining my workout program and how to count macros, making it fun and easy to understand with phone apps! No matter your fitness goals, Kelsi will create your personalized regimen, and will guide you straight to success. In 4 weeks I lost body fat and gained an even stronger mind and body!

Lauren S.

Coach Kelsi @littlewarriorfitness has been the most essential tool in my weight loss journey. Receiving individualized meal plans, workout routines (for the home and gym) and macronutrient goals helps me to know what I need to be successful. I take comfort in knowing that she is certified and personally enjoys working out. She has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition and she never hesitates to provide multiple explanations (I’m a newbie to just about everything related to fitness). I’ve asked countless questions about protein powders, pre-workout supplements and different foods to add/subtract from my diet. Kelsi’s website has helped me to learn about many different topics and trends. She’s gives you that gentle encouragement in the gym to keep pushing through that workout and reminds you to never give up on working towards your goals. I’ve lost 15 lbs. so far and can feel myself getting stronger every week! Thank you, Kelsi, for your hard work and dedication in helping me continue to work towards better health!

Lauren D.

When I started counting macros, there was a huge learning curve. I had been on weight watchers for seven months with no progress. When Kelsi introduced counting macros to me, I was hesitant – I didn’t want to count/weigh my veggies and fruits! It seemed absurd to me. Kelsi urged me to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. I’ve learned so much about what I put in my body, how many carbs, fats, and proteins I need to be eating for results. I learned about what was in my food, instead of just thinking “yeah that seems healthy” and eating a huge Chili’s salad! At first, I was completely lost. I didn’t know what qualified as a fat and I thought carbs meant pizza and fries! Kelsi went to the grocery store with me and helped me shop. Now, I know – and still learning – about what kinds of foods I need to be eating and how much. The most eye opening thing for me was the sugar! I decided to also watch my sugar intake and it’s amazing what I’ve learned. In the first month, I lost 8 pounds! Macros teaches balance and portion control. You learn that it’s not just about hitting numbers, but making sure the percentage of what you’re eating is on track. It can be time consuming trying to plan out your day and making sure everything fits, but it’s worth it!

Elizabeth A.

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