Goal Reevaluation

You’ve set your goals, you’re working your plan, and you’re wondering what’s next.

Every person will be different, but after a certain period of time you should check back in with your goals and decide if you still value them.

I want to be clear, this is not an excuse to give up on your goals. Don’t quit because of hardship, quit because of priority. Quit because it’s not the right thing for you. Goal reevaluation is a tool to keep you pointed in the right direction towards the best version of yourself.

So evaluate if your goals are actually still important to you. Is running a marathon really important to you? Or are you doing it because you think it will help you lose weight?

Determine if your plan to pursue your goals should to change too. Do you honestly enjoy following a keto diet? Or is a trendy fitness influencer doing it?

Here are my top four goal revaluation tips:

  1. Work with a coach to set customized goals.
    • Let’s say you want to lose 50 lbs. in 3 months. No matter how motivated and excited you are, that is an insane rate of weight loss. Working with a coach can help you create a long term, realistic plan to reach your goals in the best way possible for YOU.
  2. Discuss goals each session/check in to keep progressing.
    • I complete a thorough check in with my clients every week in which I ask them about their short term and long term goals. It may seem repetitive, especially if they don’t change, but it keeps it at the top of mind. And sometimes the goals do change! That’s the point!
  3. Include your significant others and social supports.
    • Support can come in a lot of ways. Maybe it’s emotional support when you’re struggling or maybe it’s practical support to help you meal prep. Be open and honest about what you’re working toward and how they can help. And don’t be surprised if you receive some push back, this is your journey and not theirs. They don’t have to “get it” so ask that they at least respect it.
  4. Recognize that life, work, and family happen.
    • These may cause short term setbacks, disappointment, frustration, and lack of motivation.
    • Other times there will be no real barriers but you may lose focus on your goal. This would be a great time to reevaluate!

The worlds highest performers quit things faster than others. Sort, delete, and move on!

If you’d like help creating the right goals for you, apply for fitness and nutrition coaching by filling out the questionnaire here.

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