Five Steps to Prevent a Lapse From Turning Into a Relapse

There are going to be setbacks along your fitness journey. It’s important to realize that setbacks are just bumps in the road, not the end of the road.

Instead of viewing your “failures” negatively, switch your mindset to see the value in failures. Small lapses can provide you with a ton of feedback on how to better prepare yourself mentally and physically.

So how do you harness a lapse and make it work in your favor? Follow these five steps:

  1. Accept it.
    • Biological, social, and environmental challenges are hard to overcome. If you can’t control what’s happening, control the way you respond to it. Are you a female dealing with weight fluctuations due to hormones? Accept it. Attending a birthday party while on a diet? Accept it. Temps dropped before your outdoor run? Accept it! Everything is temporary and you’re much better off focusing on what you CAN control instead of what you can’t.
  2. Hit the replay button.
    • Step back and ask yourself “What happened?” Did you attend the birthday party and indulge in 3 slices of cake? Replay the day leading up to that point. Has your diet been too restrictive? Did you go into f*ck it mode?
  3. Take mental note & action.
    • What could you have done to avoid the problem? How could eating a healthy meal before the party have helped? Chances are you’ll have more social events in the future. So make a game plan for next time!
  4. Self monitor.
    • A lot of lifestyle changes simply come down to awareness and planning. Envision yourself succeeding! No matter what it is, what does that version of you look like, say, think, do, etc.? Get super detailed.
  5. Move on.
    • Don’t punish or overcorrect. Trying to make up for lapses with extra cardio or restricting is just the start to a vicious cycle. Focusing on getting back into the right state of mind, returning to your normal routines, and making consistent effort towards your goals.

Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week or month! Remember why you started. Breathe. And get back on track.

Momentum builds in both directions, if you feel yourself picking up momentum away from your goals, I’m here for you.

To apply for fitness and nutrition coaching you can fill out the questionnaire here.

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