Intra Flight


What it is: Intra Flight

Why I use it: Intra Flight contains branch chain amino acids that help with recovery and muscle protein synthesis. My use of Intra Flight has changed over the past few months, but I think you’ll fall into one of my two situations! Previously I used Intra Flight DURING my morning fasted workouts. Without food in my system yet, Intra Flight helped me have longer and more effective training sessions. Right now, I save my Intra Flight and enjoy it in the evening or in the afternoon as a recovery drink!

When I drink it: I kind of covered this, but Intra Flight can be used before, during or after training sessions. It’s probably best to drink it during your workout but do what fits your schedule and lifestyle!

How to mix it: The scoop is pretty big! I mix 1 scoop of Intra Flight in about 20-24 oz. (the size of my shaker cup) of cold water and ice.

Who can benefit from it: In my opinion, anyone participating in ANY kind of physical activity can benefit from Intra Flight! Plus its caffeine free so you can stack it with any other supplements you use throughout the day.

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