Six Skills for Self Regulation

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In the fitness community we often hear phrases like “discipline beats motivation” and it’s like “Cool… so what does that actually mean?”

Do I drag myself to the gym when I’m dead ass tired? Do I jump into a hardcore bodybuilding diet?

Probably not.

Going harder is not always better. Instead, start using some of these skills for self regulation aka self discipline.

Six Skills for Self Regulation

  1. Set some goals. (see previous post)
  2. Track your behaviors.
    • Pick one to start, like steps, macronutrients, or exercise.
  3. Get feedback on your progress.
    • If you have a coach or a trainer, this should be happening weekly or biweekly.
  4. Create a reward system for yourself.
    • This could be concrete or intangible! Make it meaningful to YOU.
  5. Use motivational self talk.
    • For example, pepping yourself up before or during your workout. Or celebrating little wins along the way.
  6. Confide in social support to boost your confidence.
    • When you have family, friends, or coworkers who are rooting for you, you’ll feel certain that you’re making positive changes in your life!

Put discipline into realistic action steps you can actually use.

Because at the end of the day, self discipline IS self love.

If you’d like help creating better habits and routines to reach your fitness goals, send me a message at

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