Plant Based Protein Powder

What it is: BPN Plant Based Protein Powder

Why I use it: I have a really hard time digesting lactose and dairy. This is a plant based protein made up of pea, watermelon seed, and pumpkin seed protein! It’s naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia/monk fruit. Not only that, it has digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of food which really helps me! It also comes in two great flavors; chocolate and peanut butter cookie!

When I eat it: Usually with breakfast as protein oats “proats”! And I always top it with berries or bananas for a little extra sweetness.

How to make it: I mix 1 scoop in 6-8 oz. of cold water or almond milk, then mix in my oats, and top it with berries and sometimes almond butter (so good). Protein powder is super versatile though, you can mix it into shakes or create your own protein bites, there’s a lot of possibilities!

Who can benefit from it: You don’t have to be on a vegan diet to use this protein powder (I’m certainly not!). Anyone who enjoys sweet treats while trying to increase their protein consumption should give this a shot!

Enjoy your plant based protein powder and help reach your protein goals!

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