Your Guide to Goal Setting

You can snap a screenshot of your favorite fitness influencer and use their physique as #goals, but how effective is that going to be in the long run?

Imagine you’re building a house (in this case your body), would you pick a plot of land, randomly start building, and see where you end up? Of course not. You’d create a detailed plan- in this case, detailed goals. So let’s begin with four reasons why goals work in the first place.


  1. Direct your attention and actions
  2. Increase your effort
  3. Improve persistence over time
  4. Help develop new learning strategies

Think about how these apply to your fitness goals. When you have a specific training plan, you’re attention is focused on that, not what cardio machine to camp out on. Your effort increases weekly in order to beat your previous stats, which improves your persistence over time. Not only that, specific goals will help you learn new strategies as you adapt your plan to fit your lifestyle.

Now that we know why goals work, it’s important to know how to create goals specific to you! Use these six goal setting principles to create 1-2 goals of your own.


  1. Set specific measurable goals
  2. Set realistic but challenging goals
  3. Set both short and long term goals
  4. Focus on performance and process
  5. Get goal feedback and evaluation
  6. Set timelines to achieve goals

I think these principles are self explanatory, but I want to touch on are #4-5 for a minute. #4, Focusing on performance and the process will help you complete the daily actions that lead to your outcome! Sometimes the outcome seems so far away that we give up. Focus on the process and the outcome will take care of itself! And #5 getting goal feedback. It’s important to share your goals with someone like a trainer, coach or friend who can give you honest feedback. My clients and I do this weekly and it helps us determine what’s working, what’s not, and where to go next!

So now you know why goals work and how to create them. Take some time this week to get crystal clear about what you want so you can start going after it!

And stay tuned next week, we’re gonna dive into navigating potential challenges and overcoming obstacles, because let’s face it, like happens and sometimes we gotta adjust our goals!

If you’d like help setting your own goals, shoot me an email at and we’ll set you up for success!

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