In Focus

What it is: In Focus

Why I use it: So many reasons, but mainly energy! In Focus increases my energy, gives me better focus, and actually improves my mood! I always see a huge increase in my productivity on days I drink it and seriously feel like I can conquer the world… or Mom Life at least! Another benefit of In Focus is that it has brain nutrients for memory. Each serving is less than half the cost of an energy drink and provides a ton more value!

When I drink it: I actually replaced my morning coffee with this! If I don’t drink In Focus in the morning then I’ll mix some before studying for my BCS or playing with my daughter. It’s also a great option to use before cardio sessions!

How I mix it: One scoop in 8-12 oz. of cold water, over ice… perfection.

Who can benefit from it: In Focus has 150 mg of caffeine in each scoop so if you’re looking for a healthy energy drink replacement, or need something stronger than coffee, this is the supplement for you!

To save money on your order, you can use my discount code “LITTLEWARRIOR” at checkout.

You can Learn more about BPN here!

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