What it is: Endopump

Why I use it: Endopump increases the volume of the muscles that you’re working. I prefer to focus on specific muscle groups during my workouts, so Endopump helps me increase blood flow and vasodilation while training. I know you’re probably thinking “vaso-what?” because I remember hearing this term in the gym when I first started working out too! Basically, Endopump supports blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, moving more nutrients into the muscles being trained, making for a great workout!

When I drink it: About 20-30 minutes before lifting sessions. I like to stack it with Flight for a little caffeine boost too! I like to save Endopump for my lifting sessions, so I leave it out for cardio based workouts!

How I mix it: Like I mentioned, I stack Endopump with Flight for increased energy, endurance, and focus. I mix 1 scoop in 8-12 oz. of cold water (with Flight).

Who can benefit from it: Endopump doesn’t have caffeine or any other stimulants so it’s fair game for anyone! I highly recommend this supplement for anyone who does resistance training or any workout that involves lifting weight!

You can Learn more about BPN here!

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