Flight (Preworkout)

What it is: Flight (Preworkout)

Why I use it: Flight carries me through my toughest workouts and hardest training sessions. When I’m lifting AND doing cardio, I need that extra boost. This gives me the tunnel vision focus and clean energy I need to complete my training each day.

When I use it: 20 to 30 minutes before a lifting session. I don’t take Flight if I’m only doing cardio or conditioning (more on that later).

How I drink it: ½ scoop with 8ish oz of cold water on ice. I like mine a little more concentrated with less water. My husband likes his a little less concentrated with more water. And the TEAM likes to dry scoop. To each their own!

Who can benefit from it: If you are doing any kind of resistance training, I would say this is my number one supplement recommendation. You can feel the effects immediately, which leads to better workouts, and better results. If you are pregnant, nursing, or caffein sensitive I would not suggest this one!

You can Learn more about BPN here!

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