Ryan’s Chicken Pasta Salad

Alright, if you’re a wife or a Mama this is a simple “stock the fridge” recipe! Ryan (my hubby) shared this old firehouse recipe with me when we started dating.

I like to make a huge batch of this pasta salad and keep in the refrigerator for the family to eat throughout the week as a quick lunch or a side with dinner.


2 boxes of tri-colored pasta

1 jar of pitted olives

1 jar of Italian peppers

1 carton of cherry tomatoes

1 package of sliced chorizo (or pepperoni)

2-4 cooked chicken breasts

1 package of feta cheese

Italian dressing to taste


Cook pasta and chicken, set aside and let cool.

Cut olives, peppers, tomatoes, and chorizo in half.

Mix all ingredients together, top with feta cheese, and let cool in the fridge for a few hours!

There you have it, simple and to the point like most of my recipes! Now go put these carbs to work and hit the gym! 💪🏼

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