Conditioning Workout

Lately, I’ve been in a funk when it comes to my own training, so I’ve been switching things up and looking back through some of my old workouts. I haven’t done circuit style training in a LONG time, so I figured I’d share one that I’ll be incorporating soon!

Complete 3 Rounds:

45 Seconds ON (working)

25 Seconds Off (resting)

Dumbbell Curls
Cable Extensions
Barbell Push Press
Jump Rope
Band Side Steps
Good Mornings
Weighted Step Ups
Ball Crunches

For this workout, I recommend getting a timer/app, gathering all your equipment ahead of time, making a bomb playlist, and pushing through it! You’ll finish sweaty and proud!

🤘🏼Kelsi Ward
💪🏼 Fitness Fiend | NASM CPT
⚔️ #civilizethemindmakesavagethebody
❤️ I help badass women break through
their own boundaries.

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