Shoulder Workout


For shoulders I like to use supersets to really exhaust my delts. A superset is when two exercises are done back to back without stopping. You can either superset within the same body part (like this workout) or you can train two different body parts. When you start doing these for the first time, you might fatigue quickly. Stick with it and you will learn to love them, especially because they will save you time in the gym! Whether you are a beginner or intermediate lifter you can vary the weight used to meet your needs!


DB Shoulder Press – DB Upright Row

BB Shoulder Press – BB Upright Row

Smith Machine Press – Smith Upright Row

DB Lateral Raise – Cable Lateral Raise

DB Front Raises – Cable Front Raise

🤘🏼Kelsi Ward
💪🏼 Fitness Fiend | NASM CPT
⚔️ #civilizethemindmakesavagethebody
❤️ I help badass women break through
their own boundaries.

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