Glutes & Hamstrings Workout

There are three key steps to creating the glutes (or any muscle) you’ve always wanted: nutrition, training, and most importantly, consistency. This workout covers 1 of those 3! If you are looking for guidance on the other 2, send me a message, I’d be happy to help!

You’ll notice that I superset two exercises back to back for each set. This will save you time, increase the intensity, and keep your metabolism going after your training is complete! For this workout recommend staying in the 10-12 rep range, and as always, use a weight that is challenging but safe for you!

Smith Squats – Goblet Squats
V-Squats – BOSU Squats
Leg Press – Jump Squats
Lying Leg Curl – Machine Hamstring Curl

🤘🏼Kelsi Ward
💪🏼 Fitness Fiend | NASM CPT
⚔️ #CivilizethemindMakesavagethebody
❤️ I help bad ass women break through
their own boundaries.

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