Become a Warrior

My name is Kelsi, but growing up my dad always called me “Little Warrior” which is where my fitness coaching company came from.⁣

To help badass women like you break through your own boundaries, because you’re tired of giving up on yourself mentally and physically. My mission is to help you take charge of your life again, become consistent in the kitchen, build confidence in the gym, and allow you to feel understood by a coach who recognizes your best.

Humans > Clients⁣
Achievements > Aesthetics⁣

Straightforward > Special⁣
Educated > Uninformed⁣

Gain clarity and develop a bold goal.

Become consistent in the kitchen through a strong understanding of nutrition.

Build confidence in the gym by learning simple and effective training principles.

Feel heard and understood by a coach who believes we are all doing our best.

You are capable of experiencing what it’s like to have a realistic plan you can stick to for the long run without sacrificing your life, family, or the things you enjoy.

The path varies for each warrior but the goal remains the same– help you break through the boundaries getting in the way of what you want.

I’m glad you’re here.⁣ I hope one of the resources below will be the tool you’ve been looking for to change your life.


Are you wanting more energy and overall better health? To feel comfortable and confident in your skin?

Are you struggling with motivation & accountability? Consistency & self discipline? Or maybe just having no plan or guidance?

Then get ready to:

Become consistent in the kitchen and feel confident in the gym.

And be open for:

Honest guidance and accountability from a coach who wants you to be successful!

I believe in having a realistic plan that you can stick to and maintain for the long haul without sacrificing your life, family, or the things you enjoy.


If you’re like me, I’m sure you like to train on your own time, at your own pace. Which is why I created the Breakthrough Blueprint.

I wanted to help people like you with a program that was more affordable and accessible.

The Breakthrough Blueprint contains the exact same resources I use with my 1:1 clients, so you’ll have all the direction you need without the extensive support from a coach.

Your blueprint download will include:

A 12 Week Training Plan. Macro Calculation. Grocery Guide. Supplement Guide

3 E-Books To Match Your Program [Training, Nutrition, and Mindset]

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate, if you’re driven, the Blueprint is for you.

If you like to take charge and are ready to be accountable to yourself, then click the link below and cut to the chase with a plan you can execute.


One on One In Person Personal Training sessions will focus on your specific fitness goals through guided workouts designed for your current level.


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Can you write me a training plan? I feel lost in the gym.” So I’m giving you an inside look at how I build my workouts!

Use this template to build your very own training plan and hop on the list to receive weekly advice on all things training and nutrition!

A Little About Me

I’m not in this for the trophy- I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle because I truly love it. When I sought out to become a personal trainer, I had never been overweight, and I didn’t have a huge physical transformation story, but I did have a mental transformation story that was made possible through taking care of my body. Fast forward to today, I’ve been through pregnancy, gaining 35 lbs, losing 35 lbs, and finding the balance in between.

I didn’t become a trainer just to guide you through physical transformations, I became a trainer to help you break through your own boundaries and discover a happier, healthier lifestyle. I want you to understand what you’re truly capable of and to conquer you goals in the gym AND in life.

When we work together, I coach you as a friend- not a client, plan, or excel sheet. We’re going to be intentional about the lessons you learn by pushing yourself, finding your limits, and realizing how powerful you are.

I started following my passion for fitness in 2014 and never looked back. Now, it is my mission to empower you with those same lessons in order to propel you forward.

If you’re struggling to find balance or a lifestyle that works for you, I’d love to give you some helpful tools, educate you, and coach you to the best version of yourself!

Want to know more about my approach to nutrition and training, how the Warrior Program works, or what option might be best for you?

We can discuss all of this and more during your free consultation. Just send an email to

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