Why Training Beats Working Out


Working Out vs. Weight Training… Aren’t they just synonyms for sweating your butt off? Nope. There’s actually some very specific differences.

In short, when you’re working out you’re burning calories, sweating, not focused on anything specific, your routine is unplanned, and you kind of get it done just because.

With weight training, your week is usually planned, your exercises get progressively harder over time, things are done for a specific purpose, individual muscle groups get their own focus, and it’s geared towards results.

For example purposes we’ll look at Fitness Classes vs. Weight Training.

I used to LOVE going to spin class, Zumba, boot camp, kickboxing etc. and while I did leave there sweating and after having some fun, it didn’t elicit the same feeling of accomplishment within myself. After most group exercise classes you’ll leave feeling exhausted, dripping in sweat, feeling like you just got killed, and you’ll be super sore the next day… that’s GREAT but that doesn’t mean that you had the best workout or that you’re making the best progress. You’ll end up chasing a short term feeling at the end of that class, when you could be chasing a long term result. Just because someone can make you tired, doesn’t mean they gave you a solid workout. I barely sweat when I train, but I know that what I do is effective because I see the progress over time. Think about how many people you’ve seen walk in and out of the gym for years, never looking any different.

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, maybe you need to make a change. Maybe you need to combine strength training with your current exercise of choice. Maybe you need to try something completely different. If you want to decrease fat, increase your strength, and increase your quality of life then consider getting into weight training over just working out!

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