Your Practical Guide on Weight Loss Plateaus

KW-15(2)Weight Loss Plateaus. They happen. It’s normal. And here’s a few reasons why…

Sodium: The scale is going to say you weigh a little more, you might not look defined, and you might be holding water. This will go away in a few days as long as you get back on point with your nutrition. If you know you had a salty meal, then expect that slight weight increase to come and remember it’s probably water, not fat. You’ll be fine. Ironically, increasing your water intake will help alleviate any water weight gain.

Stress: This can really make the scale go up. I know it’s a vicious cycle… you’re stressed because you’re trying to lose weight, and being stressed is preventing you from weight loss. WTF?? Again, it could just be that you’re holding on to water, but it still sucks. Find ways to relax and unwind throughout the day so that your hormones stay in check.

Your Period: This is probably obvious to most of us… Hell, don’t even get on the scale during that week! Don’t use this as an excuse to be lazy. And definitely don’t decide to indulge in all of your cravings! Again just stay consistent with your nutrition and exercise and it’ll work itself out in time.

Strength Training: You will put on some weight (usually muscle, not fat). You could even see the scale go up after a very heavy lift because when your muscles get stressed they hold on to water. Just keep at it.

The Scale: It’s not a true indicator of a plateau. Some days it’ll be up, some days it’ll be down. Don’t let it get in your head. You don’t have to use measuring tape, calipers, or a biometric impedance to measure yourself. Notice the way your clothes feel, look at yourself in the mirror, take progress pictures. There are many ways to measure your success besides your weight on the scale.

You don’t need anything special to get through plateaus. No detox, no quick fix, no special supplement. Make sure you’re in a calorie deficit, that you’re drinking plenty of water, and just stay consistent with your exercise, nutrition, and rest, EVEN when you don’t see changes. It’s not a fancy answer but trust me, progress will come.

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