Tidbits Under 200

popcorn in ceramic bowl
Photo by Mo Abrahim on Pexels.com

Tidbits Under 200 is an extension of Food Under 400 where I try to show you fun and simple recipes to satisfy your cravings while reaching your nutritional goals. We’ve all heard of the typical “healthy snacks” like celery & peanut butter, carrots & ranch, or even worse, the 100 calorie snack packs that we end up eating three to four packs of! If those work for you, great. But you won’t find them anywhere on this list!
Personal Pepperoni Pizza… for this one I build my pizza like normal, then I put the pan on the top rack to broil just enough to make crispy pepperoni and melted cheese.

Cheesy BLT Wrap… pretty simple here. Just put it together and wrap it up.
Cheese Sticks & Pepperoni… I like this one a lot because it’s got a lot of protein, it’s easy to eat on the go, and you don’t actually have to cook or make anything.

Berry Parfait… I think I shared a larger version of this in “Food Under 400: Breakfast Edition” but it’s my favorite so here’s the snack size!

Bite Size Banana Pudding… this one might take some self control. I know I can easily throw down on some Nilla Wafers and Cool Whip!

“Baked” Apple Slices… skip the oven and microwave some apple slices with cinnamon, then dip em in PB2. You won’t regret it!

Whether you serve these recipes on their own, make em in advance for meal prep or eat them freshly cooked, I’m sure they’ll make an awesome addition to your healthy diet. Hopefully you get inspired to make some creations of your own too! Snap a picture and share it with me by tagging @littlewarriorfitness or using #littlewarriorfitness. I’d love to see your creations!

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