Food Under 400: Breakfast Edition

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Food Under 400 is a compilation of super simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all under 400 calories. I inserted photos of the exact ingredients, calories, and macronutrient breakdown so you can see all the details. The best part? Soups, salads, or green juices are nowhere to be found on this list! So if you’re diet is starting to get bland and boring, throw one of these recipes together.

Banana Pancakes… I like to top mine with sliced bananas instead of adding them to the batter. You can even use the same ingredients and turn them into waffles!


Yogurt Berry Parfait… I eat this almost every single day of the week. Topping your fruit and yogurt with cereal instead of granola is a HUGE calorie saver on this one.


PB Breakfast Sammies… simple swaps keep this recipe low in calories. Nature’s Own Bread and PB2 are to thank! I like to fry all THREE sandwiches up in a pan so they are nice and warm.


Cinnamon Crunch Cereal… this one is as plain and simple as they come. Blend your protein shake and pour over cereal!


Eggs, Turkey Bacon, and Buttery Toast… a real traditional breakfast that saves room for butter AND fits in your diet! For the egg whites 15 tbsp. = 1 cup.


Bagel & Bacon… love this one because it’s simple to make when you’re on the go!


Hearty Oatmeal… this recipe always reminds me of cozy winter time. Try microwaving your apple slices with cinnamon before tossing them into your oatmeal!

*My Fitness Pal calculates and recalculates serving sizes on some items and not others. 1/2 cup oats should actually be 1 full cup uncooked.


Whether you serve these recipes on their own, no matter if you make this in advance for meal prep or eat them freshly cooked, I’m sure they’ll make an awesome addition to your healthy diet. Snap a picture and share it with me by tagging @littlewarriorfitness or using #littlewarriorfitness I’d love to see your creations!

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