Why Hire A Personal Trainer? Part 2

Ever heard people say, “They live in a virtual reality.”? Well, it’s true. Our world handles the majority of our daily tasks online. Online banking, online shopping, online bill pay, the list goes on. So why not online training? I’ve racked my brain to think of all the misconceptions, doubts, and concerns you might have when it comes to hiring an online personal trainer and dismissed them below.

Won’t important conversations get lost in translation?
No, and here’s why. Just because we don’t communicate in person doesn’t mean I’m not supporting you 100%. In fact, I’ve found that communicating online actually allows my clients to explore issues deeper than they would if we were conversing face to face. A bad breakup or a lost job that sent you into an emotional spiral isn’t easy to discuss in a crowded gym. And no, you’re not going to air your dirty laundry to a “private” Facebook group, everything is completely 1:1. I pay attention to anything and everything because I care and because I realize that your personal life DOES affect your ability to exercise eat healthy.

What about accountability?
So picture this. You hire a personal trainer from a big box gym. They take you through a 30 minute workout 2 times a week. Then what? You’re left on your own for the other 5 days of the week. Can you email your trainer at 1:00 in the morning? Can you talk to them every single day? Send them progress pictures? Be honest when you slip up? Probably not. Along with thorough weekly check ins, you can message me any time.

How am I supposed to get motivation?
I let my clients know ahead of time that my programs are for the highly motivated. You have to become your own cheerleader and use your own motivation to drive you forward, knowing that I stand beside you through the entire journey. We’ll dive into your why, set long term and short term goals, and keep you moving in the right direction even when motivation starts to ween. You’ll take more ownership over the whole process and invest in yourself long term!

What if I don’t know what a particular exercise is?
All of my training programs come with complete video tutorials for every exercise in your workout. You can also research it! Google Images, YouTube videos, and BodyBuilding.com are excellent resources to teach yourself how to perform new exercises. You’ll also better understand an exercise that you have taught and practiced yourself!

What about my form?
Valid point. When your trainer is watching you, they may correct your form, but are YOU correcting your form? Or is your trainer? When you take the time to research the exercises you’re doing, you’ll truly learn what it should look like, where you should feel it, and how to adjust. You can learn a lot about your body and how it should move by doing it yourself!

Why not just do workout DVDs? That’s like a personal trainer at home right?
Yes, the person exercising in the DVD is a personal trainer. No, they are not YOUR personal trainer. Workout DVDs are cookie cutter workouts designed for the masses. Eventually you with outgrow those DVDs and experience diminishing returns. An online trainer can adjust your plan as you make progress and keep challenging you to reach new goals.

How do I know my online trainer is legit and not a scam?
Ask! These days it seems like everyone is an online personal trainer. Check their credentials. If they are certified, they will be proud to share where they got their schooling from. I earned my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NSAM).

How do I know if an online trainer is right for me?
The trainer you decide to hire should specialize in whatever your goal is. If your trainer says they train anyone or anything, back away slowly. For example, I don’t train men who want to build muscle. I don’t train college athletes trying to improve their speed and agility. I don’t train children. Instead, I’ve specialized in training women who want to lose weight and/or gain strength. This allows me to dial into specific training methods to better help my warriors.

How much does it cost?
That depends on who you hire. Trainers in gyms aren’t working for themselves. They are working for the gym. The gym isn’t interested in your goals, they are interested in your money. I am the founder of my business and I have my sights set on your success. I started Little Warrior Fitness to help women break through their own boundaries, not to make money. Some trainers charge hundreds of dollars, some trainers charge pennies. You get what you pay for, so find a quality trainer that’ll meet you somewhere in the middle. My online training programs are just $150 a month!

Shouldn’t I just eat clean to lose weight?
Think about how many diets you have seen that advocate for this… Paleo, Whole30, Weight Watchers, Veganism, the list goes on. I use an individualized approach to all my clients nutrition. You won’t be stuck on some unattainable meal plan, and you won’t be starving yourself skinny. My goal for all my clients is to teach them about nutrition so they can create their own sustainable diet that they can maintain forever.

Can’t I just calculate my own macros using My Fitness Pal?
My Fitness Pal will calculate Macros for you, BUT they are not accurately measured for you. As an online personal trainer, I account for your age, sex, height, weight, activity level, and goals. That being said, two females with the same weight WILL have different macros. I use a different approach for each person I work with.

I’m all for growing, evolving, and embracing change. Online personal training is an exciting, convenient, and maintainable process that can make a big impact on your health and fitness!

Still not convinced? Have another question that I didn’t address? Let’s chat! Email me at littlewarriorfitness@gmail.com!

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